Monday, July 28, 2008

My Baby's All Grown Up

My little baby Clarissa is all grown up. She was in her school play recently , Romeo and Juliet and in her make-up and grown up demeanor , my baby's all grown up. In fact, she is Juliet's age.....
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Lord , Our Creator

Fear not! If the Lord God can do this, he can do anything.....
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Kisah Kaisara Season 2

The second season of Kisah Kaisara was launched in a glittering press conference with a wedding between Hasnor and Marlia i.e Norman Hakim and Vee. Aziz M Othman , Director and Executive Producer of Ace Motion on special request was asked to "bless" the wedding. Kisah Kaisara also won the Best Sponsorship in this year MSA Awards. It finally did it for us after 3 years of drought.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Osmonds - Apple Pie, Color TV and Puppy Love

I had a ball of time recently in Genting watching "The Osmonds 50th Reunion". I first saw the Osmond Brothers in a little known show with another child actor - Kurt Russell in the The Travels of Jamie McPheeters and then on The Andy Williams Show. Then it was the cartoon , The Osmonds which my sister and I used to sing to and watch Donny' s escapades with a girl from every land.

The Osmonds reflected a time when white is white, when it was cool to be a goody two shoes, sweet like saccharine, a time of sweet innocence and to hear to hear those songs again - One Bad Apple, Puppy Love, The Twelve of Never -for a moment , I felt I was a little girl again .

By the time , Donny and Marie aired , I was in boarding school and I really look forward to holidays when I could watch my favourite toothy twosome. The Donny and Marie Show was also the tv show I saw in color . Elprup was finally in purple ......

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