Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aman Rimba

My ex- boss Sabri has this lovely private resort at Janda Baik . He's added a pool and a lovely bungalow across the pond. We visited him last weekend and he and his lovely wife Wati as usual fed us and we indulged again despite our heavy meal at Bukit Tinggi earlier on.

The kids jumped into the stream and splashed about and swam. The stream is relatively clear and quite sandy so is nice for swimming unlike the stream in ChiangMai which was quite stony and therefore slippery. Chris declares it his favourite stream and wants to buy it ( with what my dear?) .I was my usual sedentary mode, did not want to jump it , so fiddled with my new toy, trying to capture a good shot of the water spider. Failed miserably....Then tried chasing the dragonfly - the action mode is slow so tak bolehlah. Give up....

More pix

Playing around with the P8O, close up shots of the flowers outside my window . Many, many shots were taken to get the pictures I like . The second picture was taken with the flash and its my favorite shot. The raindrop is a bonus. The shots of the bunga tahi ayam didn't come out as well though despite many , many tries . The flowers were blurred while the leaves were sharp. Still need to fiddle more.


My daughter, Clarissa has a blog - pensivedreamer.blogspot.com. All her rantings, ramblings and whatever is immortalised in this blog. I took these picture of her while fiddling with the new camera and I believe this really look like the pensivedreamer.

The Twin Tower at night

Finally, a picture of the Twin Tower at night , taken with my new Nikon Coolpix P8O, camera for dummies that had a so many different scene choices. I'm happy...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Champagne Cod and Placido Pinot Grigio

This is the dish that had me off red wine and red meat for a while. Cod fish grilled and braised ( I think ) with champagne and a tinge of tomato sauce topped with crispy Japanese sea weed to give that extra exotic taste that goes so well with the chilled Placido Pinot Grigo.

This dish is a speciality of Oriental Pavillion of Jaya 33 and it was the flavour of the month for us for the last 6 weeks.....
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Alamak Amy Season 2 shooting has started

Alamak Amy the family comedy with Ijoy and Sharifah Syahira started production a week ago with Jason Chong as the Director. Winnie Thye reprises her role as June and the ever funny Didie is back as the maid. We were there yesterday with the cast and crew when they were shooting the clinic scene at Plaza Damas.
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