Thursday, January 3, 2008

No Shopping - Just “Parking” in Singapore

When I tell people that I go to Singapore and visit their parks – I get wide-eyed look and sardonic smiles. What no shopping? Yeah - sure at Ang Mo Kio apartments for its wonderfully cheap and wide variety of stuff from China.

Ha, the truth ever since the exchange rate has more than doubled , I personally still think that Malaysia is the best place to do shopping , I don’t shop in Singapore. Instead, my brother has actually brought me and the kids to some wonderful parks – Labrador Park for a picnic once, East Coast Park for the kids to just run and the small but scenic Mt. Faber.

In my latest trip, I discovered MacRitchie Reservoir Park which is I think to date is the best. The view over the reservoir with its beautiful landscaped gardens and wide space, plenty of well kept benches is a wonderful place for just “lepaking”.

The kids had a ball of time playing soccer that is until a monkey stole the coke and attracted a family of monkeys. That’s when we literally ran.

The other park which we discovered by surprise was Teluk Blangah Hill Park. I was searching for Alkaff Mansion but found it was closed. So instead was the Terrace Garden with a wonderful view of Singapore. It is not so well-maintained as the other parks and can get pretty creepy at night though.

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