Friday, May 9, 2008

Punting in Cambridge

Posted by PicasaI've always wanted to punt in Cambridge. Our stay so far has been typical English weather - sprinkles of shower and just a week before going to England, there was a severe case of flooding in the midlands but again God blessed us with a wonderful day. It was a lovely late spring/early summer weather - blue skies, warm sunshine and a cool breeze. We picked up some sandwiches , cheese and of course wine from Marks and Spencer before heading off to Cambridge. A lot quieter and more spread out than Oxford - Cambridge was lovely. There were the usual throngs of people and tourists . When we reached the river bank - we saw the punting we've heard and read so much about. We quickly hopped onto one and hence began a lovely , lazy punt down the river , soaking into the sights of this old establishment.

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