Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Osmonds - Apple Pie, Color TV and Puppy Love

I had a ball of time recently in Genting watching "The Osmonds 50th Reunion". I first saw the Osmond Brothers in a little known show with another child actor - Kurt Russell in the The Travels of Jamie McPheeters and then on The Andy Williams Show. Then it was the cartoon , The Osmonds which my sister and I used to sing to and watch Donny' s escapades with a girl from every land.

The Osmonds reflected a time when white is white, when it was cool to be a goody two shoes, sweet like saccharine, a time of sweet innocence and to hear to hear those songs again - One Bad Apple, Puppy Love, The Twelve of Never -for a moment , I felt I was a little girl again .

By the time , Donny and Marie aired , I was in boarding school and I really look forward to holidays when I could watch my favourite toothy twosome. The Donny and Marie Show was also the tv show I saw in color . Elprup was finally in purple ......

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