Friday, May 16, 2008

Clubhotel - Murau

In the summer of 2006, how could we forget our European trip to watch the World Cup. We stayed at this lovely 2 bedroom apartment at Clubhotel, Murau right in the middle of the Austrian Alps with its tiny yellow flowers amidst the lush green fields and the crystal clear waterfalls.
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The Fairytale castle in Fussen

Neuschweinstein - the Fairy Tale castle of Fussen. This must be the third time to this beautiful castle. The first time was in 1990 in the fall when the leaves were turning brown but the view of the castle was blocked by a fog.

Then in 2005, I went there again but this time it was in the Winter and the views were some of the best I've ever seen. I told myself that I would come again, this time with the kids and we did in the summer of 2006
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Annie

My partner , Annie, recently celebrated her 40th birthday. Her hubby, Alan went through a lot of pain to organise her a surprise party. Surprise parties are difficult for "kan cheong" people who wants to take matters in her own hand. An elaborated scheme had to be hatched i.e. a falsified invitation card, very good acting and people that can keep a secret...
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Best Meal in Venice

The verdict is out. The best meal in Venice was this - a mac with coke underneath the Italian blue sky, warm sunshine, right at St Mark's square people watching and the pigeons as your guests.....
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Lake Lugano - June 2006

Lake Lugano - June 2006. A pristine, Swiss-Italian town . How would I describe it . Like a jewel with breathtaking scenery . I took a funicullar up Salvatore Mountain and the views of the lake , surrounded by the Mountain. God's creation. No man can beat that....
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Friday, May 9, 2008

Are you crazy, the water's freezing !

Lake Lugan0, June 2006. The water's freezing but that didnt these crazy Malaysians from taking a dip in this infinity pool with an amazing view of the Lake. The result - a sick boy, a frantic mum and a $70 bill plus a missed trip to Lake Como.
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Going Up Jungfraujoch

Snow for the first time for the kids. Look at Chris and his ski mask. Clarissa terrified of falling off the snow slope. Magnificent scenary all the way and a Bollywood experience right on top of Europe
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Lucern - June 2006

Lucern, the children's first landing in Europe. Alan's first time driving in Europe. Chloe throwing up on Annie's brand new trench-coat. the smell of fresh dung outside the window of hotel room. Our first day, jet-lagged, tired but determined to see the sights.
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Cambridge - July 2007

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Punting in Cambridge

Posted by PicasaI've always wanted to punt in Cambridge. Our stay so far has been typical English weather - sprinkles of shower and just a week before going to England, there was a severe case of flooding in the midlands but again God blessed us with a wonderful day. It was a lovely late spring/early summer weather - blue skies, warm sunshine and a cool breeze. We picked up some sandwiches , cheese and of course wine from Marks and Spencer before heading off to Cambridge. A lot quieter and more spread out than Oxford - Cambridge was lovely. There were the usual throngs of people and tourists . When we reached the river bank - we saw the punting we've heard and read so much about. We quickly hopped onto one and hence began a lovely , lazy punt down the river , soaking into the sights of this old establishment.

More of Awana 2005

More pictures of CTS birthday party at Awana.......
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Awana in 2005

CTS birthday party at Awana. The gang went up, we had a lovely lamb dinner at Ming Ren, the next morning was a lovely hike to work off the food.
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