Thursday, June 26, 2008

Celebrating 50 Years Together

I was looking for images of Dumex crockery in the net when I suddenly recalled that Mum might have these old Dumex plate, bowls what nots. When I spoke to Mum she told me something very startling. Not only she has the Dumex bowl but it was 50 years old. She bought it when my eldest brother was born and he's turning 50 end of this year . When I told her about Dumex 50th anniversary, she was delighted as she and my Dad just celebrated their 50th anniversary earlier this year. 50 years- what a long time of history and suddenly this Dumex bowl and tea pot which looks remarkably new is now seen in a new light . There is history , no wonder,my mum kept it.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Flutes at the Fort

Still thinking about the grilled lobster with cheese and the Venezia Pinot Grigo that I had at Flutes at the Fort recently. The matching is excellent . The Pinot Grigo light and smooth taste went really well with the lobster and the gratined cheese on top. Enjoyed the meal and the wine ( didn;t even realized the entire bottle was gulped down ) so much that I forgot to take a picture but was sober enough to take the dessert.

Took us two rounds around Fort Canning before we found Flute but it was worth it.
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Adventure in Chiang Mai

Swimming at the waterfall, elephant trekking, flight of the gibbons - what an adventure and funfilled holiday. Flight of the Gibbons was the best - flying among the tree-top of the rainforest, canopy walking and of course, emulating spiderman as the drop you from the top....
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Sunset along KL-Singapore Highway

I didn't expect this. Have been so into looking and taking pictures of sunset wherever I go, I never expected such a lovely sunset at our very own backyard. Was trying home from Singapore and the changing colours of the sunset was just breathtaking!
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Chiang Mai - Rose of the North

Just came back from a nice break in Chiang Mai. I went with not much of expectations but a break that closer to home but yet not too hot. We did Chiang Mai in 5 days and 4 nights - just right we thought. Took Air Asia and the flight was just about 2 hours and we checked into Holiday Inn. Haha the Platinum Card proved to be a great advantage as they upgraded us to a lovely suite again. Jacuzzi - every night ????

We took a took-took to the city ( the old part) not much of an old city really apart from some walls and wats and more wats. Surprisingly for me , loads of Western influence in this town like Starbucks, pubs, bistros, etc until we came to the center of it all - the The Three King Monument, the Wats, the street stalls with its exotic insects and hairy herb or whatever it is...

Not too much traffic , just enough shopping, great eateries, very affordable massage and loads of adventure - quite a nice change really

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