Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Camel Ride at the Pyramids

Me and my Lawrence of Arabia. If you at first you dont succeed, you try again..

The two reluctant but happy participants that were forced on the camel

Father Abraham and his family

Happy and silly people on the camel

Having heard stories about camel rides, I at first declined the camel ride at the entrance of the Pyramids. Once in the area, how could we not ride on a camel in Egypt with Pyramids as the background. Furthermore, might as well do a trial ride before Mt Sinai the next day.

So , when this blue-eyed , Lawrence of Arabia look-alike asked, I agreed and there came the famous falling on the camel-guide incident. Yup, it was a great story to be told over and over again on how I fell on the camel guide. On top of that, the guide got everyone on the camel , took lovely pictures and then ripped us off with a huge bill of RM750. It was a rip-off but nevertheless, I didn't mind paying the max of RM500 and negotiated so . It was pricey but money well spent for the sheer drama and a lifetime of storytelling.

The fall was a good lesson for the next day camel ride -

a. choose a short camel
b. choose a big size camel guide
c. make sure you climb on the same side as
the camel guide so that when you fall, you can land on him......

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