Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Egypt Pt 2

Pyramids of Giza

Lunch at Giza

Museum at Cairo

Crossing the Streets of Cairo

Do not ever attempt to do this. It is extremely dangerous. On our first night, we thought of walking along Nile which was just across the street. Looks simple enough, done it millions of time but this is Cairo. There is no traffic law, some cars have no light and crossing the road is an extreme sport.

We did cross the road looking for Target the supermarket but silly me, it turned out to be Target the Limousine Hire. Turning back to meant crossing the road but wanting to buy water meant crossing another road. After the ordeal of crossing road and nearly been scammed for Pringles Chip ( the shop wanted to charge us RM32 for a canister), we headed back to the hotel for room service and hence ended our first night in Cairo

Day 2

Our first stop of the day is the much acclaimed Egyptian Museum. Again hordes of tourist and whilst it is fascinating, my brains cannot take who is king , queen and what they did to who and what. The highlight of course was to see the King's Tut's mummy which I refused to go. Our next stop was probably a lot more interesting- the Pyramids of Giza and had lunch at a restaurant with the view of the Giza. Excited and full of anticipation of the Pyramids. We finally came saw the ancient structures which mystified millions for many years....

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