Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aman Rimba

My ex- boss Sabri has this lovely private resort at Janda Baik . He's added a pool and a lovely bungalow across the pond. We visited him last weekend and he and his lovely wife Wati as usual fed us and we indulged again despite our heavy meal at Bukit Tinggi earlier on.

The kids jumped into the stream and splashed about and swam. The stream is relatively clear and quite sandy so is nice for swimming unlike the stream in ChiangMai which was quite stony and therefore slippery. Chris declares it his favourite stream and wants to buy it ( with what my dear?) .I was my usual sedentary mode, did not want to jump it , so fiddled with my new toy, trying to capture a good shot of the water spider. Failed miserably....Then tried chasing the dragonfly - the action mode is slow so tak bolehlah. Give up....


Zsuzsa said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing with us.

C. Yong said...

Thanks Zsusa.

I'm just starting to learn to take better pictures with my new camera.