Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Eye and The Twin Towers from Lake Titiwangsa

My favourite pictures !!!

The Eye and the many different colours on Merdeka eve . Somehow, despite the my aching body after the Avril Lavigne concert the night before and a late night with the usual Aisec kaki's for Swee Ai's birthday, I was inspired to take the pictures of the Eye and the Twin Tower from Tasik Titiwangsa . I have been meaning to do so but somehow just never got around doing it and since I got the new Nikon P80, I wanted to try the night landscape pix.Aiya, the kids didnt want to go as they were sleepy but somehow I just wanted to do it - perhaps thanks to the belacan overdose during dinner that kept me perky and wide awake, I went by myself . I'm glad I did because the pictures were great.
The fireworks were a disappointment though. The KLCC firework were extremely low and I didnt get any good shots. I was actually walking away when the Dataran Merdeka fireworks started and them my battery went flat.... As I was desperatly trying to load , I thought I was going to miss all the fireworks but finally got everything working. Taking the fireworks was not easy though - as there was a lag time between pressing the button and capturing the picture and I still do not know how to use the continous mode......Aiya.

Today, I AM HAPPY because I just read in the papers that the EYE is being dismantled on Thursday and last Sat night was probably the only and most beautiful time to take the picture. I would have missed this photo opportunity if I had not gone that night.

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