Thursday, September 4, 2008

Avril Lavigne Concert - The spirit is Willing but the Flesh is weak

Finally, the happy teenager, the kid brother and the over-age
rocker !
The ever useful binoculars
That's how tiny she is from where we were
The kids including Chris singing to Avril's songs

Avril, finally started her concert at 9.10 pm, more than an hour later that what was advertised.
The drenched rats at the concert

When my daughter agreed to go with me to the Osmonds Concert and enjoy "my music", I decided to go with her to enjoy "her music".So when Avril Lavigne was in town, the whole family went. The family had to experience a rock concert together. Anyway, its the kids first rock concert and probably the only time they will allow mum and dad to chaperone.

Confession, I have never been to a rock concert and the last time I went to Stadium Merdeka was for Michael Jackson and that seems eons ago. So, I was entering virgin territory and what the heck, I said I would be more open to trying new experiences.... So, I got home early and got ready to go. My daughter looked at me and said "Mum you look like you're going for a country concert", I was wearing a nice long skirt you see with a peasant collared blouse, feeling very feminine. Since this business of turning forty few years back, I have this tendency not to really care about fitting in..

Ha, this time we remembered to bring the binoculars which gave Chris so much joy as he was pretending to be in some kind of espionage game in his own little world.

Anyway, traffic wasn't so bad and we managed to park our car in this valley that turned into a giant car-park opposite the stadium. Then the sky started turning the dark, and we quickly whisked out four umbrellas from over age rocker's car ( what's he doing with so many umbrellas in the car???) only to be told that we cannot bring it into the stadium.
True enough, it started to rain, I was excited , yeah rain, a rock concert, if only I was twenty years younger, I would have bought entrance tickets to the centre field and dance bare feet. The thing is 20 years ago, I couldnt afford the centrestage... That's the irony of life.
Oh well, so here I was at a rock concert, dressed as if I was going to watch Marie Osmond with my kids and then reality hit- the seats are actually hard slabs of concrete with rough, coarse gravelled surface that prickled my soft but fleshy bum. I did not expect this. Now I regretted not wearing the good old durable jeans.
Yeah so we were given raincoats in different colours and there I was in this yellow raincoat , sitting on extremely uncomfortable concrete without any back rest !!!! I was feeling kinda sick now, you know like when you feel a fever coming up and after half hour of no back support -my neck and back was beginning to ache.
An hour later and I gave up being feminine and ladylike, wrapped my skirt around my ankle and tied a knot so that I could just sit cross-legged on the one level lower and rest my back against the panel. What a relief to my aching back.
Well, the very talented Avril finally arrived and as she belted her songs starting with Girlfriend , the crowd roared and the whole stadium was standing and rocking with her. She is very talented and the performance was great but as sang her last song " Skater Boy", all I could think of was " Thank God ", now I can go home and rest my poor back.

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