Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pizza, Spaghetti vs local food

The crunchy, nutty tiramisu to die for
The old vs the young

Sam, Chris (wrapped up in PSP world ) and Selia

These days, the younger generation are fed with a diet of spaghetti, pizzas and my nieces and kids are no different. While my kids are okay with Chinese food , my nieces favours the west.

And so finding a restaurant that serves good Western and Asian food is a must when the family gets together for that special treat. Early this year, for CNY, we went to La Risotto and my mum ended up eating bread and water only. So I found Alexis and we were there with kids giving the thumbs up to the pizza and the spaghetti and my mum to its delicious mee siam. As for me , I am a sucker for its wonderful, nutty, crunchy tiramisu.

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