Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fancy a walk in the jungle in the middle of KL

Chris trying to figure out if he should have the
bangers and mashers or the fish and chips at the
Magnificent Fish and Chips

A for effort in trying to get us a decent place to trek and
enjoy the jungle
A lovely rainforest right in the middle of KL

The three trekkers figuring where they are

The trek up to KL Tower

Our Malaysian signages are terrible. I was trying to locate the Bukit Nenas Reserve because I was told that the there is a nice little jungle trek there. We followed some signages that led us all the way up to St Johns and Convent Bukit Nenas only to have the sign disappear and so went up KL Tower and ask the guard. We were told we could actually access the trek from KL Tower, so we parked the car at the foot and walked up. We then walked down a jungle trail until we came to the information office. Then we walked up again and whilst it was quite a nice little walk, the hordes of mosquitoes swarmed and attack everytime we stopped.

Saw a beaufiful glass beetle but my close-up photography skills still sucks... and I didnt get to take the picture. Was too tired to walk to the canopy bridge so left that for another day.

We headed to the Magnificent Fish and Chips opposite Frangipani and tucked in with the best Fish and Chips in town.

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