Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Best Lamb Dinner in Marysville

We arrived in Marysville just before 5 pm and checked into this lovely, cottage - Lyell Cottage which we booked over the internet.
We had about ten minutes to spare before the supermarket closed so we immediately drove there and picked up some groceries. It was our second day in Australia and we were still wanting a lamb meal despite the lamb shanks we had in Holiday Inn which was disappointing . So I picked up some marinated lamb cutlets.

After that express check in and mad dash to the supermarket, we then had time to soak in the town. Marysville is a lovely , picturesque town just about an hour and half away from Melbourne ( that is if you don’t make vineyard stops along Yarra Valley). The road just before Marysville is fringed with tall “beech wood” ( I think) which is really quite breath takingly beautiful and I attempted to take some pictures from the opened sunroof top of the BMW we rented.

The lovely ,colourful flowers, the creek and the solitude provided a perfect place for honeymooners , not exactly a cup of tea for the three of us but it provided the relaxing atmosphere away from the normal KL hustle and bustle .

That night , we had more wine despite the wine tasting we had on our way to Marysville and it went really well with our lamb dinner. Simple to cook and affordable lamb cutlet , readily marinated and so delicious.

After that, in order to get the dinner digested, Annie suggested a walk to Stevenson Fall . The lights on the Fall would be switched off before ten so it was just night. It was a lovely cool spring night and Ray suggested more wine drinking there. So we did something we would never do in Malaysia - Walk into a deserted pitch dark jungle at night .
Annie who has deserted me many a times in these hikes was walking very slowly behind me . Later, she told me she was afraid of tigers ( tigers in Australia??? ) so I guess , in her mind I would provide more interesting meat to the tigers, hence me the shield. The walk in the cold was what we needed after that heavy meal and Stevenson Fall with the lights on at night was quite something. But I was scared too , not of tigers but more humanly creatures , slashers, Freddy, mad serial killers – an overdose of slashers movies I think. So , no wine drinking at Stevenson Fall – just a quick dash back out and into our safe, warm cottage..

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