Friday, December 21, 2007

Kids, High Blood Pressure and Sunset Over Kuta

It was the last night in Bali and we would dine in style at Ku Deta a fancy mancy restaurant on the beach over at Seminyak. After a lazy day swimming and a massage out in the garden , we thought we would spend the afternoon shopping at Kuta, watch the sunset at Kuta Beach and head off to the restaurant.

Mistake one - don't think you can restrain children from the beach despite the hot sun. Whilst the others were shopping, Annie and myself had to escort the kids to the beach under the blistering hot sun. After 45 min, enough we said, we are going in with a promise for more beach time to the kids. Meanwhile let Mommy shop ok????

Mistake two, don't let the kids play in the beach and still think you can go straight to dinner at a fancy restaurant like Kuteda. We did. Went to Kuta beach for the sunset and again got swarmed for massage, t-shirts, souvenirs etc. Not wanting to feel guilty like the last time, I took a massage and a bangle. The kids were playing at the beach after a hundred and one reminders of dont get yourself wet because we are going for dinner after that yeah....Of course , when you have beach mad kids that doesnt seem to compute, whatever you says blows through like the breeze over the sea.
Just as the glorious sun says it goodbye for the day and throws its rays over the sea at Kuta, two drenched kids with sand all over them appeared . I heard a high pitch screech - it was Annie, for a moment, I thought she would have a stroke. As I watched the sunset, the background music was a tirade of I told you, how many times, what's wrong with you. Of course, my son was also an accomplice and he was sheepishly quiet for once .
No peaceful sunset here anyway, so I quicky searched for a shower place and we found one and we stripped the kids , bathed them and washed them and thanks to the shopping - there was a set of clean clothes. But I kept Chris shirtless, took a picture of him to remind him of this day....

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