Sunday, December 16, 2007

Marzuki, the enterprising fisherman

Just went to Penang recently with the kids. The last time we were there, it was nearly 5 years ago and the kids were excited. We stayed at the Holiday Inn (being a loyal priority card member) and at the beach front met Marzuki. He was trying to sell us buggy rides, paragliding but we said no.

Then, he shared his experience during the Tsunami when he was out on a fishing trip and how he went against the big wave and survived. Today, he wants to "cari makan" from the tourists that flocks Batu Feringghi. There and then, he suggested a fishing trip but using his "pukat" to catch fish. (Yup, beats waiting for the fish to be caught with the rod). No guarantees on the barbequed "lunch" at Monkey Beach but with the pukat - chances with be good. So, we agreed, and the kids enjoyed Monkey Beach and yes, fish was plentiful. And barbequed fish caught fresh from the sea was certainly an experience for us - thanks to Marzuki.
I promised to put him up on the internet and help promote his new found business - 0174244706 or home - 048852598. It was also there and then that I decided to start this blog ....

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